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Blog → Post by Todd Rehrig February 15th, 2018
When it comes to a title and tag agency, there are three main levels of service that PennDOT provides.  There are Online Messengers (OLM's), Online Registration Programs (OLRP's) and Authorized Agents.  All three can provide your basic vehicle and licensing needs, but there are some differences as well.
A&S Katz, LLC, which operates as Shirley Katz, is an Authorized Online Messenger (OLM).  This means that we are a private business that has an online connection with PennDOT.  With this connection, we are able to directly access vehicle and license information for most PA residents. In some cases, agents who are not OLM's may not have the same level of access.  For more information on the services of each, please visit:
    What does this mean for you, the consumer?   When you use an Authorized Online Messenger (OLM), you are using a business that is held to the highest standards by PennDOT.  OLM's are required to maintain strict security guidelines and adhere to tight confidentiality rules.  Your information is never shared by us, and all personal information is destroyed when it's not in use.  OLM's also have the ability to issue many products and services over the counter, reducing the need for pink slips and other papers.

    Shirley Katz has been an OLM for over 20 years.  We consistently meet and exceed PennDOT's expectations when we are audited.  Katz is also an active member with the Pennsylvania Online Messenger Association (PaOLMA), a strong and active group of OLM's who strive for excellent and ethical business practices.  PaOLMA has regular contact and some influence with many state agencies, such as PennDOT, the state legislature, law enforcement, PA Association of Notaries (PAN), PFBC and DCNR to name a few.  Look for the PaOLMA symbol the next time you need help to guarantee the best and fastest service possible. Visit https://paolma.com/ for more information or to find the OLM's closest to you.

    For some transactions, you may not require the services of an OLM and you may save a few dollars by going to another tag agency.  But before you do, conduct some research on prices, time the transaction will take, and what happens if a mistake is made.  The few minutes you take prior to the deal may save you hours of frustration in the future.


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