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About Shirley Katz

Our History

Shirley Katz started her insurance business in 1981 in the basement of her own home.  She treated her customers with respect and care.  This personalized customer service came natural to Shirley, which eventually led to a rapid growth in her customer base.  To provide the same level of personalized service to an increasing number of customers, Shirley relocated her current office and hired a management team.  After hiring some promising employees she established the mission that each and every customer will be treated with the same standard of excellence.  No exceptions!

Who We Are Today

As a testament to Shirley’s belief in treating customers like neighbors, Shirley Katz Insurance now has four offices conveniently located in Stroudsburg, Brodheadsville, East Stroudsburg, and Tannersville.  Shirley Katz takes pride in offering the most locations, and the most insurance products in the county.  As an insurance company, our primary objective is to serve the Poconos to the best of our ability.  We're not happy unless you are happy.

Where We Are Going

At Shirley Katz Insurance, we still provide the same affordable services offered at the company’s inception, over 36 years ago.  As a result, we have perfected our services allowing us to invest more time into improving the customers' experience.  It is no accident that our customers know what to expect before they walk through our front door -- Warm smiles and a friendly atmosphere.

Today’s technologically inclined society has come to require the convenience of online and phone services.  So to answer our customers' needs we have been working hard to increase the level of support and service we provide through these media.  As a company we recognize the need for growth and innovation, however, we will always stick to the berliefs set by Shirley over 40 years ago.


Perseverance - We will put forth our best effort to achieving our goals despite adversity.
Respect - We will treat everyone, including ourself, with kindness and quality service.
Integrity - We will conduct ourselves with honesty and moral fortitude in all of our dealings, personal and professional.
Dedication - When we commit to a task, we will focus our full attention on it until its satisfactory completion.
Enthusiasm - We will take pride, joy and satisfaction in all we do, or else there's no sense in doing it.

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