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Motorcycle Title
& Registration

Whether you recently purchased your first bike, or are on your second Harley, we can help make ownership official with our motorcycle title services.  With four convenient locations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania you can rest assured that we have a location close by that can handle all of your motorcycle needs.  Additionally, with over 40 years of service we have the knowledge


Here at Shirley Katz Insurance, we understand what it takes to keep your bike running like new. Don’t let some paperwork hold you back, keep your two wheels on the road with our motorcycle registration services. Since we are online with PennDOT we have the ability to provide you with the lowest prices and the fastest service possible. Stop by one, you will walk out our doors with your motorcycle registration in-hand. It’s that easy!

Don’t have the time?  Perhaps you just have a few questions?  Call a Shirley Katz Insurance Inc. representative today!

Riding a Motorcycle
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